A new update system was released, you have to download it manually to do the update.

Here is the way you can do it :

  • Delete all previous BEUT release on your system / Desktop
  • Download the archive of the new update system here
  • Extract it in a new folder (like BEUT on desktop by example)
  • Execute it, it will download latest release and create a shortcut on your desktop.

Old Releases will stop working on June, 9th 2023. Please do the update as soon as possible.


Some anti-virus systems are still detecting BEUT as false positive. As we are changing contents in binary files, or scanning folders with tools in PRO version, it’s really hard to fix that issue for now. We can ask AV solutions to whitelist our tool, but as we are release updates frequently, we should ask them each time… Not a life.

If you can / want, please whitelist the BEUT folder manually in your Anti-virus system to ensure it working all time !