Now it’s mandatory to upgrade to this version, old releases won’t work anymore.

Download the archive of the new update system here

News at startup

Now news about BEUT will be shown at startup, which will be easier for me to communicate in case of anything happens.

Added search by cars models.

More than searching by brand and ecu model, you can now search by brand and car models.

Tool « Dump ordered and renamer » updated

Now, select one folder, and let BEUT do his job : he will add to each dumps the HW and SW number. Do backups before trying, the operation is irreversible ! (but he doesn’t change any content in files…)

Specials functions tool reviewed

You can now edit you function names if it wasn’t good when you added them. Also, the layout has been reviewed to be smarter and easier, especially in full screen mode.

Algorythms added/updated

  • Added injectors code support on EDC16C3/C34 PSA
  • Updated Immo off on M7.9.8 hyundai
  • KIA / Hyundai EDC17C57 Read/Change VIN
  • Updated emulated EEproms discovery : Now available on all MED17/MEV17.