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ISN Algo on BMW updated

  • Ability to read MD1CS001 BMW ISN
  • Ability to change ISN (short or long) on EDC17 / MED17 / MEV17 / ME5.2 / ME 9.2 / EDC16C1 / EDC16C35 / EDC15C4

New Tool to download Mercedes Original Files

A new tool comes now with BEUT containing a library of CFF / SMR Files. More than 135 000 Files can be downloaded using this new tool coming with a powerful search engine.

Added Clear Airbag Menu at startup

MED9.1 Algo review on VAG

Now BEUT will recognize if eeprom is crypted or not on MED9.1.

Code Improvment

  • All windows in BEUT are now centered when they start
  • Some Bugs fix

Added Dfox PinOuts in library